Maintaining a clean and organised workplace is important and also portrays a professional image to your clients and inspires confidence in your business.

What Will We Do For You!

This is our standard office cleaning checklist which, together with a signed office cleaning agreement,

outlines the service we deliver to you. Additional items can be added at the customer's request and

must be agreed to in writing.

Office and reception area:

  • Remove, wash and dry dishes. Put away in cupboard. Remove any visible cobwebs Vacuum all floors, incl door mat, ensuring you get into all corners and under desks.
  • Dust/wipe all desks (customer to ensure staff tidy desk space to make access easy)
  • Empty bins and replace bin bags
  • Wipe clean and disinfect door handles


  • Wash and disinfect floors (incl behind the door)
  • Scour and clean toilet bowls and sinks (incl taps) with appropriate materials
  • Sanitise and clean toilet seats, cisterns and exterior of toilet bowl
  • Replenish toilet roll (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)
  • Wipe clean any mirrors

Kitchen area: 

  • Clean exterior and interior of microwave oven (if applicable)
  • Wash up and clear sink and draining board
  • Refill kitchen towels, hand wash and washing up liquid as required (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)
  • Empty bins and replace bin bags (customer to supply unless otherwise agreed)
  • Wipe exterior of kitchen appliances (kettle, toaster etc.)
  • Vacuum and mop floors

Weekly/Monthly tasks (if applicable) 

Dust all surfaces (desks, displays, top of wall hangings/pictures, light fittings, filing cabinet, skirting, monitors, keyboards, PC mice, tops of computers (Inc. towers), tops of radiators, air conditioner, window sills/frames, wall clocks)

Wipe skirting boards, painted surfaces (i.e. cupboard doors below displays)

Click here to download Brochure PDF 

Office Brochure.pdf