Preparing Your Home for Sale

Selling can be very stressful & most Vendors are not sure how to present their home to attract the best possible price.


Saving Grace Cleaning Services can assist you to create a clean, decluttered & fresh home to present to potential buyers.  The process of showing & selling your home can be easy if you get organised, & we can show you how!

Saving Grace Cleaning Services can assist you to ensure everything is in just the right place, perfectly arranged, clean, neat & ready for sale.  Preparing your home correctly for sale can ensure a much higher selling price! 

Several of our staff at Saving Grace Cleaning Services come from home & building related industries; such as architect & Real estate Agent. We have many years of experience in placement, colour, psychology of presentation & homestyling. We essentially provide a service where we don’t decorate your home, rather advise you on what requires attention. We assist you by cleaning, deodorising, getting rid of clutter & rearranging furniture & decor to ensure a quick & profitable sale. Homes that are correctly presented sell faster & at a higher price than comparable, unprepared homes.  Keep in mind, you're not making these changes to live more comfortably in your home but rather to present your home at its very best to potential buyers. Without being distracted by clutter they'll picture themselves living in your home. The emotional buyer who falls in love with it, always pays more!

Have you ever walked through a display home? The paint is fresh, appliances are shiny, artwork is cleverly arranged & fresh flowers sit on the kitchen counter. Mirrors are sparkling, towels clean, the rooms look spacious & the furniture comfortable (there are no toys or knick knacks on the floor).

The kitchens & bathrooms are polished, sparkling & smell divine. Clutter is not to be seen. The closets are empty or organized. The garage floor is clean, neat & spacious. 

Contact us to find out how we can assist you to impress potential buyers who will pay more for your home!