Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home

Selling can be very stressful and most vendors are not sure how to present their homes to gain the best possible price.


Saving Grace Cleaning Services can help you create a stage for your buyers.  The process of showing and selling your home can be easy if you get everything ready and organised, we can show you how.

Saving Grace Cleaning Services can help you organise and ensure everything is in just the right place, perfectly arranged, and comfortably set ready for sale.  Preparing your home for sale is a bit like designing a stage for your spectators to come and see the play.

This is the same with your home and how it is presented to your buyers.  We provide a service where we don’t decorate your home, but we get rid of the clutter, we may re arrange some furniture and advise you to pack some stuff away so your home is ready for a quick and profitable sale.  Homes that are properly prepared sell faster and at a higher price than similar, unprepared homes.  You need to keep in mind that you're not going to make the changes to live in your home. Your only goal is to show your home at its very best to potential buyers. Without being distracted by clutter and dirt, they'll be able to picture themselves in the home you're trying to sell. They will find it hard to resist making an offer.

If you're sceptical about the benefits of going to all this work or doubt that it will make any difference in selling your home, put yourself in the place of a home buyer.

Have you ever toured through a display home? The paint is fresh, appliances are shiny, there is artwork arranged around the house, and fresh flowers stand on the kitchen counter. Mirrors are sparkling, towels fresh, and there are no toys on the floor. The rooms look spacious and the furniture comfortable.

The kitchens and bathrooms are polished, smelling fresh, and clutter is not to be seen. The closets are empty or organized. The garage floor is clean and neat and looks much larger than you'd need for two cars.

Find out how to get your home ready to impress buyers for the best offers and the top price for your home.